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Education and/or training isn’t just important to any company, it is vital to remain relevant and competitive! Benefits gained by a successful training/education program include improved employee performance, improved employee satisfaction and morale, identifying/addressing weaknesses in a ‘no fault’ environment, increased productivity and adherence to quality standards, increased innovation in new strategies and products, and most importantly, it enhances the company’s reputation and network. The importance of training for ALL members of your organization – both new and experienced – cannot be overemphasized. EMBLEM will leverage (and serve the needs of) traditional higher education, as well as customized delivery to ensure your workforce needs are met, based on your assessed needs. Highlights of our portfolio include:

  • Role of Local Officials in Economic Development

  • Role of the Church in Economic Development

  • Entrepreneurship:  So, You Want To Start A Business?

  • Grant Writing:  Federal vs. Foundation Funds – Writing for the Mission, Know Your Audience!

  • Community Reinvestment Act:  Innovative Strategies for How CRA Can Reshape a Community

  • Revolving Loan Funds and Financial Sustainability

  • Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Emergency Preparedness