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Capital is essential for functioning, period. While traditional loans remain available, there are plenty of alternative means to access capital. For instance, many businesses are finding that their ability to access capital is related to the source of the capital. By pursuing alternative forms of capital, businesses have a higher chance of securing loans and investments. From CDFI (community development financial institution) reserves to Crowdfunding to loans reserved for special groups, there are countless ways businesses can access capital. The problem lies not in the lack of money, but rather in the lack of connection between those who need the capital and those prepared to offer capital. EMBLEM helps you bridge that capital gap. Highlights of our portfolio include:

  • Bank/Capital Intermediary

  • Credit Risk/Underwriting Review

  • Revolving Loan Fund Plan Design/Review/Administration

  • Small Business Administration Program/Department Assessment

  • Grant Writing/Review

  • Pitch Support/Business Planning