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Xavier Neira is the founder and President of Logatoré, LLC, a real estate development and consulting firm based in Norman, Oklahoma, and specializing in commercial construction development projects and mixed-used development projects.  The firm was established in 2019 and has over $120 million of active projects in Oklahoma and Texas. In July 2020, Xavier joined EMBLEM Strategies as Strategic Partner, bringing his personal expertise and the resources of Logatoré to strengthen our capacity to provide a full-service menu for our clients.


Prior to the establishment of Logatoré, Mr. Neira worked at Manhattan Construction for 22 years. He served as Director of Development for the construction company, which is part of a larger group of construction-related companies that include Manhattan Construction Company, Manhattan Road and Bridge Company, Cantera Concrete Company and Manhattan Pipeline. Manhattan Construction is the largest of the companies and is Oklahoma’s first corporation, established in 1896.  Mr. Neira was responsible for duties associated with procurement and development of new projects.  Mr. Neira was responsible for over $2.8 billion dollars in procurement of new work.  Additionally, Mr. Neira was responsible for government affairs at the local, state and federal level as well as community relations in Oklahoma.  


Mr. Neira has been involved in politics at the State and Federal level since 2003. Xavier has worked as a volunteer and Spanish Language Media Surrogate for several national campaigns, taking part in a number of radio and television interviews and participating in Telemundo’s Encrucijada Migratoria National Debate. He also served on Hispanic Advisory Boards for President George W. Bush, Senator John McCain and Governor Mitt Romney.


At the State level, Mr. Neira served as Tourism Commissioner for District 4 and served as Chairman of the Transportation Transition Committee for Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin in 2014.  He also served on other groups, such as the 100 Ideas for Oklahoma Committee, under Oklahoma House Speaker Lance Cargill. 


Mr. Neira holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas A&M University (1991).  He was born in Mexico and became a United States citizen almost 40 years ago and has been a proud Oklahoma resident for the past 23 years.  He is married with three children and lives in Norman.


Xavier believes in the power of economic development and giving back to the community.  He is involved with organizations that promote business, education and community well-being, through his active participation on several boards and organizations at local, state and national levels.  

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