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Meeting Room Business


EMBLEM Strategies was established in response to a demand for more diversity and specialized expertise than was available. We are a full-service consulting firm specializing in diverse practice areas including community and business development, marketing, grant development and administration, project management, and stakeholder engagement for a broad range of clients in the public, private and nonprofit sectors.


Not-for-profit organizations and local, state, and tribal governments are continually seeking innovative answers to complex challenges. They are striving to provide better services at lower costs and to create sustainable economic and community development, a safe environment, more transparency, and increased accountability. EMBLEM combines private sector business practices with an understanding of the public sector’s diverse needs, focusing on building organizations’ capabilities to deliver improved public services.


Drawing on many years of experience, we work to help strengthen your organization and achieve lasting improvements by building custom teams of highly skilled professionals specifically structured to develop and implement the strategies necessary to meet each client’s needs.

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