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Mary Fallin-Christensen is an economic visionary with many years of experience in growing and developing commerce and putting Oklahoma on the map as one of the top states in the nation for job creation and business expansion. In July 2020, Mary joined EMBLEM Strategies as Senior Advisor. Her unique talents and experiences, coupled with the vast network she has built over her nearly thirty years in public service, allows EMBLEM to further expand our capacity to offer a comprehensive suite of business services for our clients. 


Elected in 2010 as Oklahoma’s first female governor, Fallin-Christensen led targeted efforts to expand the economic footprint of her state. During her time in office, she was essential to keeping Oklahoma in the forefront of the business world, thanks to incentive programs and low operating costs.


In addition to the unprecedented economic growth under Fallin-Christensen’s leadership, Oklahoma also moved further away from its dependence on oil and gas, as she significantly expanded the aerospace and defense industries’ presence in the state. Fallin-Christensen was able to diversify the economy through the addition and expansion of other industries as well. She was integral in Boeing bringing numerous jobs to Oklahoma, Google investing $600 million into Oklahoma’s economy, Amazon adding two large distribution centers, and International Paper restarting its idled operation with a $90 million investment. 


Fallin-Christensen’s passion for economics is intertwined throughout her twenty-eight years in politics. Prior to becoming governor, she represented the people of Oklahoma in a number of state and federal positions. She served two terms in the United States House of Representatives, where the time she dedicated to various committees gave her unique insight into advancing Oklahoma’s economy. Mary also had the distinction of serving as Oklahoma’s first Republican and first female lieutenant governor. 


During Mary’s tenure as Oklahoma’s governor, she received an abundance of awards for her dedication to protecting small businesses and promoting economic growth throughout the state, including the Spirit of Enterprise Award from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Guardian of Small Business Award from the National Federation of Independent Business. 


Her ability to build teams and coalitions earned her national leadership roles – elected by her colleagues as Chair of the National Governor’s Association and National Lieutenant Governor’s Association, as well as the Co-Chair of the Congressional Women’s Caucus. 


In her quest to pursue commercial development, Fallin-Christensen traveled around the country and internationally in an effort to collaborate with other government officials and important leaders in the private sector. Her persistence in pursuing meetings with top executives was a major factor in drawing new commerce to Oklahoma. 


Mary’s determination to build and grow businesses around her state, coupled with her elite leadership experience, have given her exceptional qualifications as well as contacts with people from all over the world. Her departure from public service has not lessened her desire to see her state’s economy continue to expand and thrive. Rather, it has provided her the opportunity to pursue this desire with greater tenacity than ever before. 


Mary Fallin-Christensen is a proud Oklahoma graduate, earning her degree from Oklahoma State University in Stillwater. Her husband, Wade Christensen, is a practicing attorney and fourth generation Oklahoma farmer. They have six grown children between them. 

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